Questions About My Singleness Used To Frustrate The Hell Out Of Me

I vividly remember the time a guy told me he felt sorry for me because I was still single. He said that I was such a good girl. He said that I was pretty and kind, and so he felt bad for me. He assumed I couldn't be happy without a man. He wasn't the only one who believed that. He wasn't the only person I knew that equated happiness with marriage. Many others spoke similar words to me. OFTEN! And soon, I started to believe it too. But not anymore. If I wanted to experience peace and joy, I had to stop letting people color my perspective of what makes this life beautiful. This life is MINE. And it is the most beautiful journey I've ever known. I've experienced things I only dreamed about and I've learned to love the woman I'm becoming and the woman I already am. Don't let anyone define your happiness. Those terms belong to you! One day I'll write a book about it all. But for now, there's a poem...

- A Girl Gone Great

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